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1. Can I stop my Subscription at anytime ?

Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time by changing the Status of your Account from "Active" to "Inactive" in your Lead Quota Module

2. How do you charge ? What is the mode of payment ?

We charge you on a Cost Per Lead (CPL) basis. There is an inbuilt mechanism for Auto-Debit on a periodic basis, usually every week. At the time of registration, you need to enter your Debit or Credit Card to authorize weekly payments. You can remove this card at any time by sending us an email.

3. Can I add different types of Leads to my account later ?

Yes, simply go to 'Set Lead Quota' in your LMS and add a new row to create a quota for a different lead type or the same lead type with different origin or destination.

4. How authentic are your leads ?

We generate leads using organic & inorganic channels such as Google, Social, Youtube, Taboola, Display Ads, Blogs & Affiliates. These are relevant inquiries of people who have a genuine interest in travel and are exploring an option to book a holiday, vacation rental or a cruise.

5. Who is the team behind Holidayrewardz ?

The Founding Team at Holidayrewardz consists of senior professionals from the travel and online media business, having spent over 2 decades at topnotch companies such as Expedia, Infoedge, Yatra and Thomas Cook.

6. Are these leads verified ?

We do not physically verify these leads. If there is a wrong number in any lead, simply dispose it off as a 'Wrong Number' in the CRM. You will not be charged for such leads.

7. How does the lead sharing work ?

A lead is shared with a max of 2 agents. We do not share beyond 2 as it creates unhealthy competition and also spoils the user experience.

8. I can set up my own digital marketing team. Why should I use Holidayrewardz ?

We have built incredible expertise over the years in running campaigns across multiple channels. We use sophisticated AI tools such as ADARA and MADGICX for campaign optimization and audience targeting. Further, our digital spends are in millions of dollars giving us economies of scale. All of these are difficult to replicate. You will get better quality leads at a cheaper rate going through us instead of doing it yourself

9. What kind of conversions can I expect from these leads ?

The ratio of 'called leads' to 'quotes sent' is ~ 30% to 50%. Overall conversions hover between 2% to 5% and are dependent on a variety of factors such as the Strength of your brand, level of follow ups and the quality of relationship you are able to build with the prospects. Factors such as pricing and seasonality also come into play. Since these leads are your property for life, you can churn them for a long time to derive conversions, repeat business & referrals.